Hillary’s Boat Harbour Playground

Today’s wild weather didn’t give us many options. We decided to head to Hillary’s Boat Harbour. After a fun morning at AQWA we grabbed coffees & treats and checked out the playground on the beach. 
🌿 Name: Hillary’s Boat Harbour Playground.
🌍 Location: Right on the beach in the harbour.
✔️ Good: Lots to see and do nearby, toilets close by, shade sail in the warmer weather, grassed area, my two love the play boat, perfect for an after swim play. 
✖️ Not so good: Close to the water, can get really busy in summer. 
☕️ Coffee: Lots of choices, we had lovely coffees from the new Purple Goat Cafe. We will be back there soon to check out their breakfast menu.  
🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: Countless options but The Breakwater, 3 Sheets & Hippo Creak are our favourites.
👶🏼 Ages: 2+
👫 Kids score: 👍
👩🏽 Mummy score: 4/5


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