Waldecks Garden Centre Playground, Kingsley

Lovely morning catching up with a friend and her niece. We love going to any of the Waldecks Centres as they have great food and a play area.

🌿 Name: Waldecks Garden Centre, Kingsley
 🌍 Location: 173 Wanneroo Road, Kingsley

✔️ Good: Lots of shade thanks to the large trees, toilets in the cafe next door, tables and chairs right next to the playground, nursery next door. 
✖️ Not so good: Not much! 
☕️ Coffee: Delicious coffee from Lakeview Cafe which you can enjoy by the playground. 
🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: The menu at Lakeview is excellent. The kids had a $9 toast, egg, sausage & hash brown meal. 
👶🏼 Ages: The play equipment is definitely suited to older kids around 3+
👫 Kids score: 👍 The kids loved picking out $1 Petunias to take home and plant. 
👩🏽 Mummy score: 4/5


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