Stillwater Drive Playground, Baldivis 

We are on our way to Amalfi Resort Bussleton for a relaxing weekend away. Quick playground stop on the way… 
🌿 Name: Stillwater Drive Playground
🌍 Location: Stillwater Drive, Baldivis 
✔️ Good: Lovely location with the lake and fountain next door, very quiet, BBQ, sheltered gazebos, BMX track, tightropes, duck and swan watching at the lake. 
✖️ Not so good: Very close to the lake and road, no toilets. 
☕️ Coffee: Coffee Club at Stockland Baldivis is only a few minutes away.
🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: The Chase Bar & Bistro is next to Stocklands and has yummy $9 kids meals. 
👶🏼 Ages: 2+ But you’ll need to watch those runaway kiddies! 
👫 Kids score: 👍 The kids always love the round swings.
👩🏽 Mummy score: 3.5/5 

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