Fern Park Playground, Wilson 

If you are like us and have family spread all over Perth it’s nice to find somewhere relatively central to meet. With a playground and coffee close by this spot is sure to be a winner for the whole family. 

🌿 Name: Fern Park Playground
🌍 Location: Cr Fern & Bridge Road, Wilson 
✔️ Good: Shadesails, swings, nature play, water stream through the playground (so pack spare clothes), roundabout, toilets close by, BBQ facilities, gazebos. 
✖️ Not so good: It is mostly fenced but has an open entrance and is close to the road so keep an eye on those runaway toddlers. 
☕️ Coffee: Lo Quay cafe is right next door and has lovely takeaway coffees. 
🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: The cafe has a great range of breakfast and lunch options or pack your own BBQ picnic. 
👶🏼 Ages: 2+ 
👫 Kids score: 👍 Nature and water play are always a big hit! 
👩🏽 Mummy score: 4.5 


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