Shorehaven Playground, Alkimos 

Wasn’t the weather just perfect today! We enjoyed a coastal drive and of course a couple of playground visits ☀️ 
🌿 Name: Shorehaven Boulevard, Alkimos 
🌏 Location: 131 Shorehaven Bvd Alkimos. Halfway between Marmion Avenue and Shorehaven Beach.
✔️ Good: Toddler friendly equipment, some different equipment we hadn’t seen before, shade sails, BBQ, picnic tables, large oval, softfall. 
✖️ Not so good: It’s a small playground compared to some others nearby like Allara but we had the place to ourselves. No toilets nearby. 
☕️ Coffee: Blueberry Cafe is across from the playground and has a kids play area.
🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: The Shore Cafe is at the end of the road right on the beach front and is family friendly. 
👶🏼 Ages: 1+
👫 Kids score: 👍
👩🏽 Mummy score: 4/5

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