Iluka Foreshore Park

☀️We love this nautical themed playground that opened earlier this year, it’s the perfect spot to spend a lazy spring evening, it’s right by the beach for post swim play and you can enjoy an easy dinner from the regular food truck on Fridays.

🌿 Name: Iluka Foreshore Playground

🌏 Location: Burns Beach Road, Iluka

✔️ Good: Equipment for all ages, the pirate ship is great for the little ones. Plus swings, a riding path, climbing frames, slide, grassed area, toilets, bbq, picnic tables and ocean views❤️

✖️ Not so good: Its only a small playground but my kids love it.

☕️ Coffee: Iluka Foreshore Park food truck is there all day Friday and for breakfast on the weekend. They serve coffee and delicious food.

🍴 Cafe/Restaurants: Allegria Cafe is a new favourite of ours and it’s only a few minutes away.

👶🏼 Ages: All ages.

👫 Kids score: 👍

👩🏽 Mummy score: 4/5

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